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We bring you living history's from military personnel around the world.

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What we do is keep their stories alive for all to enjoy.
G2 Radio

We find great warriors who will talk to us about their lives in the military. They don't need to be in war either. Everyone who serves is special and has great stories to tell their families, future family members, and those who are thinking about going into the military. So many people think that if you go in the military you are going to die. Now it is a possibility but there are 8 people behind the front lines supporting those on the front lines. Capturing everyone's great stories is our mission.

  • Fun
  • Acurate
  • Real
  • Sometimes shocking

Our Team

And then some....
Peter Brusso
CEO and main interviewer, webmaster, and cook.
I really like to start all interviews with boot camp stories; everyone has one. At that point they feel comfortable and off we go. I always let the interviewee lead where they want to go.
Richard Bentley
Interviewer, veteran finder, and field technical professional.
Richard has really helped us find and also to bring a computer or cell phone to their location and set things up. Many who we interview are not technically talented and Dick jumps right in there and makes things happen!


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