I founded this idea after working with the USMC MCMAP program as they had learning lessons from veterans.

I thought the idea was really cool to try to capture a living history from veterans and share that with the world. 

I had to develop a podcast method to get the interviewies to talk to me and then get into this history. Some start slow but really pack a punch. I thought it was important to do this as we all in the service have very different and fun adventures. This is something the public doesn’t know about, which is all Hollywood will show them. Most of the time the stuff we do in the service, although can be very dangerous, isn’t like Hollywood at all.

If young people ask me about the military and if they should go in the military, this website can really help them understand the commitment but also the great adventures that await them. And, yes they will come out very different than when they went in. Mostly boys and girls going in and ladies and gentlemen coming out.