Gene Rovak

Gene recounts his time in ROTC and his time in Vietnam. Lot’s of fun and very interesting stories, adventures, and experiences. Well worth the watch!

Sy Kapland

A great walk through the life of a WWII vet! Sy served with Patton!

Lyn heller

A great WW2 history from the US to Germany!

Steve Richie

Steve is an author and a very funny Vietnam veteran. Here his story….

Mike Rimmer

Podcast Show Notes: A great interview with Mike and a wonderful perspective on life in another countries military service! He even served on the Queens Yacht!

Stewart Hickey

Retired Marine who went from enlisted to officer! Great interview….

Carl Spiva

Podcast Show Notes: Great interview with Carl Spiva who was involved with the end of the war plus the occupation of the Japanese homeland islands! And besides that he is my cousin. 

Sam Becerra

Sam is a great guy who experienced life in Vietnam.

Col Channon

Podcast Show Notes: Just too much to say about this interview. Col Channon was the inspiration for the movie “the men who stare at goats” and the founder of the first earth battalion.

Eric Vanderhorst

Podcast Show Notes: This is an incredible show as it starts out slow but Mr. Vanderhorst story is incredible. It tells history as we know it. A must for anyone interested in living histories. I believe that Mr. Vanderhorst has passed away by this date of 4/12/2014

Richard Bentley

From trying to track the first nuclear submarine to so much more on this living history! Richard passed away March 24th, 2020. He was a very good friend of mine and I (Peter Brusso) will miss him so.

Bob solovan

A Vietnam living history!

Carl Braum

Podcast Show Notes: A very interesting story about the Air Force given to us by Carl Braum. 

US Marine Raider Museum

Peter Brusso shot this documentary while he was at Quantico MCMAP dedication. The museum was in Richland VA but had to close so they moved it into the Martial Arts Center of Excellence (MCMAP building Quantico VA)

US Marine LVT Amtrac Museum, Camp Pendleton, CA.

While working with the Marines Peter Brusso shot this documentary of the LVT Museum.